Monday, 27 January 2014

Astons steak & salad

I went to Astons Steak and Salad Bar  with my hubby and friends last week. It was the second time we visit this place at Centrepoint. We rarely have western food nowadays cos my baby seems to crave indonesian food all the time.. 

I love the ambience in the restaurant, their decor is old western style with wooden furniture and rock wall style furnishings.. it resembles an old tavern out of an old western cowboy movie.The food quality is great and and price is also reasonable. My hubby loves this place as he told me that " their steak is charcoal grilled, i can smell the difference once they serve my steak.".  My friends love it too.

I ordered a wagyu beef burger. They took quite some time to cook it. The beef taste nice, cooking level as what I request, since I'm pregnant, I only can eat well done meat.My hubby said its a bit too dry for him... Well he always order medium rare steaks so I can understand his view :)

My hubby ordered Rib eye X cut steak. The steak price was around $30, which I think it's really value for money because it includes free flow salad bar and drinks. The salad bar included soup, salad, fresh fruits and ice cream. The drinks included coffee, tea, lemon tea and few sodas.

Overall rating for Astons is 4/5 (good) 
Will recommend it to my family and other friends.
Thanks for read my blog :)

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