Monday, 10 February 2014

Purple make up

 Soft purple make up

I will explain step by step about this eye look, maybe you can try this too :)

1. Apply eyeshadow base to the whole eyelid
2. Apply purple jumbo crayon eyeshadow up to the socket area
3. Dab small amount of silver eyeshadow for inner corner of the eye
4. Use light purple eyeshadow for middle part of the eyelid
5. Apply dark purple color eyeshadow on outer corner of the eye
6. Apply light brown eyeshadow in the socket area using blending brush and blend it well with the purple eyeshadow
7. Dab silver eyeshadow as a highlighter to the brow bone, under the eyebrow
8. Use purple eyeliner pencil, draw line under your eye
9. Apply dark purple eyeshadow on top of the line
10. Apply liquid eyeliner on top of your lash
11. Put on false lashes and Done! 

Here is the full face look :)